We support our clients in delivering;
  1. A Physical asset and plant management model, based on ISO55000.
  2. A Process Excellence Model based on Process Classification framework (APQC) (https://www.apqc.org/pcf)
  3. A Change Management Programs, focused on People Change Impementation
  4. A lean six sigma training & coaching programme                                 
1- Physical asset and plant management
The international standard for the optimal management of physical assets ISO55000, provide the definition of good practice in the whole life management of assets. Gateway to Process Improvement ltd transforms the clients asset's operation step by step using the following foundation pillars to install ISO55000.
  1. A reliability health check, using our documented Business Review approach, which is an intense activity undertaken on a strict schedule and over a short period of time to acquire, analyse and document large amount of information about the client's operational problems and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  2. A risk assessment using FMEA. It is the systematic group of activities intended to recognise and evaluate the potential failures of a product or process and the effect of the that failures. Defining what a process must do to satisfy the customer.
  3. Complete process documentation for As-Is including policies and procedures definition.
  4. Capturing the voice of the customers and providing a comprehensive list of functional requirement, supporting the business improvement agenda for the To-Be process model.
  5. Defining the physical assets key critical factors in achieving business goals.
  6. Implement a step change program that designs and installs customised management operating systems that enables managers to effectively control and improve their business performance. This is completed by a focus on client people where Gateway Process trains and coach clients managers, including front line supervisors, in behaviors that ensure effective ownership and utilisations of those systems.
  7. Finally, installing a third generation maintenance regime by focusing on; condition monitoring, design for reliability and maintainability, hazard studies, statistical analysis, failures modes and effect analysis, expert systems, and multi-tasking and team work.

Why Physical Asset Management?

  • To be responsive and usable
  • To provide reliable intelligence for decision making
  • To enable lifecycle planning
  • Fully integrate all activities group with supporting systems
  • To be flexible in order to react to changing requirements in the future
  • To support the clients asset management strategy.

2- Proposed Process Excellence Model;

3- A Change Management Programs:

Change Management Programs enable companies to control the installation of new processes to improve the realization of business benefits.

Change Management Programs require managers to:

  • Focus on results. Maintain a goal-oriented mindset by establishing clear, non-negotiable goals and designing incentives to ensure these goals are met.
  • Identify and overcome barriers to change. Companies identify employees most impacted and also work to predict, measure and manage the risk of change.
  • Repeatedly communicate simple, powerful messages to employees. In times of change, leaders alter communication frequency and methods to manage how a shaken workforce perceives and reacts to information:
    • Ensure sponsorship throughout the organization. To allow sponsorship to reach all levels of an organization, companies enlist multiple sponsors to provide all individuals with access to—and the influence of—a sponsor.
    • Reorganize around decision making. Companies develop a system for identifying, making and executing the most important decisions.
  • Continuously monitor progress. Companies follow through and monitor the progress of each change initiative to tell if it is following the intended path or veering off course.


4. Lean Six Sigma Programmes based on House of Lean:

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