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Gateway to process improvement was founded in 2010 after having worked in the manufacturing and the service sector for 15 years. The idea came from the need identified in large to midsize organisation, to solve problems and deliver a sustainable transformation in both organisation and systems. The skills I have gained and you can see in my website, are transferable across sectors. Organisations can benefit from these tools when used across the value chain resulting in Maximising Productivity and greater Customer Experience.  

In times of growing cost pressure, investment decisions are more and more dependent on the total costs during the entire lifecycle of a plant, machine or a physical asset. Plant operators face the problem of guaranteeing maximum productivity with the lowest possible maintenance costs. 

There is a need for business agility and Operation Excellence to enable a superior customer experience. Operation excellence is becoming more important as digital customers have growing expectations. In some cases, processes will need minor adjustments; in other cases massive change is required. The net result, however, is the growing need for processes to be agile, adaptive and able to rapidly respond to the needs of their markets.

This is a challenging task requiring a structured and methodical approach to define and deliver a Business Transformation Programme with a process knowledge aligned to every business needs. To embark into this journey, I am happy to discuss any of these offering in details with my client in an initial free of charge consultation session.

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